Alcorn County proposes contract with animal shelter

county_alcorn_greenBy Lena Mitchell

Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – Alcorn County supervisors are proposing to sign an agreement with the Corinth-Alcorn Animal Shelter for the coming fiscal year, with a slight raise in the county’s support of the facility.

Supervisors voted Tuesday on a proposed contract prepared by board attorney Bill Davis.

The county has supported the animal shelter for several years with a budget allocation of $25,000 and also owns the building and property where the shelter is housed.

Davis said several supervisors discussed forging an agreement with the shelter similar to one the city of Corinth has, which includes an agreement that the shelter will accept animals picked up in the county.

County residents have complained for some time the shelter will many times refuse to accept animals they bring. Under the city’s agreement with the shelter, animals brought by the Corinth animal control officer are readily accepted at the shelter.

Some terms of the proposed agreement include:

• The contract would be for one year beginning Oct. 1, 2014.

• The animal shelter’s budget allocation from the county would increase to $30,000.

• The animal shelter would continue to operate in county-owned building and on county-owned property at a stated, agree-upon value.

• The animal shelter would be responsible for hiring its own employees, but would continue to receive at least three work release prisoners from the county as additional labor, and additional work release labor as available.

• The animal shelter would impound, keep and adopt out animals abandoned or found running at-large in the county.

• The animal shelter would be responsible for providing its own supplies and materials.

• The animal shelter would accept dogs and cats from county residents who bring them to the shelter.

The county board voted to submit the proposed contract for consideration, but Davis emphasized that animal shelter officials may choose not to enter into the contract with the county or may propose changes.

If no agreement is reached, the county will continue to provide the amount of financial support and physical facilities as it has in the past.

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