Alcorn residents at odds over bridge fixes

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal Corinth Bureau

CORINTH – At the Board of Supervisors meeting two weeks ago some residents of County Road 346 in District 2 urged that a long-unused bridge remain closed.
About eight people representing the side of the issue that wants the bridge fixed brought their case to the board on Monday, saying they were required to detour about four miles in the absence of the bridge.
No one individual spoke for the group, but some of the points they made included:
* Those who wanted to keep the bridge closed were receiving whatever benefits a road with no outlet gives them, at a cost to other taxpayers.
* Several noted that detouring increased their drive to church.
* The bridge reopening had been promised, and seeing surveyors at work made them believe the commitment was being honored.
* Individuals volunteered to gather signatures on a petition listing residents who support reopening the bridge.
District 2 Supervisor Dal Nelms said engineering work under way to prepare for repairing the bridge is ongoing.
County engineer Cook Coggin also was asked to communicate with the owner of a railroad that crosses the road to request the railroad crossing also be repaired.
Nelms asked board attorney Bill Davis to prepare petitions for both sides of the issue as an additional tool to assess whether the repair project should continue. He will give petitions to each group to obtain signatures before a final determination is made.

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