Alcorn residents raise concern about vicious dogs

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – New concerns about vicious dogs roaming neighborhoods in Alcorn County prompted a group of residents to ask supervisors on Monday to enact a Dog and Dangerous Animal Ordinance in the county.
Group spokesman Chuck Kleve, who lives on a private road that intersects County Road 329, said the ordinance the group is proposing is modified from the ordinance adopted in Lee County.
The private road where he lives, known as 329A, has about seven households whose occupants must take their garbage for pickup, get their mail and retrieve newspapers at the road’s intersection with CR 329, Kleve said.
“There’s a vicious dog there, and it’s been a problem for the two-and-a-half years we’ve lived there,” Kleve said. “What we want isn’t a leash law; we’re just trying not to get bit.”
Another resident, Bill Naucke, was among about a dozen people who attended the supervisors’ meeting with these concerns.
“This ordinance would give us access to public areas without fear of being attacked,” he said. “Some dogs are a ticking time bomb, chasing cars, people on bicycles and people walking on public streets.”
These concerns were echoed and elaborated on by Katherine Gardner, the new director of the county animal shelter.
During the month of December, Gardner said the shelter was called to pick up 14 stray dogs that were roaming in the woods.
“They were attacking chickens, killing goats and something needs to be done,” she said. “I’m really concerned that if they can’t find something to eat, they could attack children.”
An ordinance would give sheriff’s deputies and other public employees legal protection, as well, said 2nd District Supervisor Jeff Patterson.
“It would help when a vicious dog is dropped off, or when an officer is called out to a vicious animal that no one wants to claim, it would give them authority to address the problem,” Patterson said.
The supervisors took the matter under advisement and will address it for action in 30 days.
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