Algoma, Sherman, Ecru aldermen meet

Of the municipalities in Pontotoc County, the following reports of regular Board of Aldermen meeting activities were reported:

Applying for a $300,000 grant for street repairs, plans for a new building for training volunteer firemen and a resolution to use a $6,100 grant from Homeland Security to purchase updated equipment for firemen were some of the subjects discussed by the Algoma Mayor and Board of Aldermen last Tuesday.
Items on the agenda included:
• A discussion of stolen or damaged street signs that need to be replaced;
• Passed a resolution apply for a $300,000 CDBG grant to repair numerous streets in Algoma including Higgins Trail and Woodland St. and an overlay on Main Street.
• Agreed on allowing Scott Foster to purchase needed firefighting equipment through a $6,100 Homeland Security grant;
• Approved a resolution to purchase ads for the Pontotoc Progress Furniture Market special section and the Welcome Home 155th special section.
• Agreed to reconvene on Feb. 21 to go over various plans for a building to be built on the existing old school foundation in which to train firemen.

On the agenda for the Ecru Aldermen’s meeting were discussions on the city’s sewer project, a resolution to rehire a park director and a resolution to let bids on a tanker truck for the Ecru Fire Department.
Items on the agenda included:
• Discussion from a landowner on the timeline for making improvements to his property after several residents had received letters from the board asking them to clean up their property or face fines.
• Passed a resolution to rehire Joe Waldrop as Park Director.
• A motion as made and approved to retain all police reserves — Danny Moorman, Jake Britt, Brad Hogue and Ryan Bramlett.
• Transfer $2,500 from General Fund to cover expenses and payroll for February
• Passed a resolution to let bids for a tanker truck for the fire department (Part of the cost will be covered by monies from a $50,000 grant from Homeland Security.)

The Sherman Board of Aldermen heard a propsal for the addition of a full-tiime police officer to th department in their board meeting this past Tuesday night.
The results of the discussion were not known at press time.
Other matters on the Sherman agenda included approving the general sales tax check for January, paying the monthly bills.
• Discussed the removal of grass and cutting back the shhoulders one to two feet on Warehouse Road and Railroad Memorial Garden.
• Discussed burning brushpiles, fixing culvert on Main Street in froknt of video store, and the drainage behind the Sliver Spoon..
• Special project discussions included town hall improvemnts, mudding sheet rock in board room, kitchen area, tile, foyer, clerk’s office areas, storage of furniture and also work on the Old town hall roof and water heater.
• Sewer improvements discussed were extendig the treatment plant bids, and putting down a 6 inch supply line.
• In the mayor’s forum the mayor was slated to speak to the aldermen about the Wellspring project, Main Street Association, Duke special exception and zoning appliation fees.

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