Tupelo and Lee County schools operate an alternative school cooperative, sharing in the expense of two schools.

The Bissell Center, located on West Main in the Bissell community, houses students who have committed either a few serious infractions or a string of minor offenses. Students receive both individual and group instruction from certified teachers. The school is designed to hold about 60 students. Today’s enrollment is expected to be about 65.

The Discipline Center, located in front of the Tupelo Coliseum, is designed for students with more serious violations, including drug or alcohol possession and violence. The majority attending this school are assigned here by the courts. Students who have been sent to state training schools are required to attend the Discipline Center before being allowed to return to their home school. The school is designed to hold about 30 students. Today’s enrollment was expected to be 34.

For many students, in-school suspension is the last stop before being assigned to an alternative school. ISS is held on-site at each school. In most cases, students assigned to ISS receive no teacher instruction.

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