Ambulance involved in three car wreck in Plantersville

By Press Release

At around 7:30 p.m. Friday, a three car accident involving a North Mississippi Medical Center Ambulance, that was transporting a patient, took place on Highway 6 near the intersection of Old Planters Road in Plantersville.
DUI Officer Blake Green is the investigating officer.
Based upon the physical evidence and testimony of witnesses the initial investigation indicates, the ambulance was transporting a patient without emergency lights and rear ended a pickup truck that was pushed forward into a passenger car, according to Plantersville Police Chief Maury Schuh.
The front passenger car was waiting on a car to make a left turn onto Old Planters Road. A female passenger in the front car was injured and transported to NMMC. The ambulance patient was transported by another ambulance.
Highway 6 was closed to all traffic for approximately an hour until the road could be cleared.
Secondary reporting indicates another victim from the wreck is being transported by private vehicle for medical treatment.

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