America Recycles Day produces meager crowd

TUPELO – America Recycles Day didn’t go as well as hoped, but John Swartzendruber said any time you can get old tires out of the environment it’s a success.
Swartzendruber, environmental coordinator for Cooper Tires, took part in the national day for recycling by giving people a place to dispose of their old rubber tires. Only a handful of people showed up, but Swartzendruber and his crew did collect several tires that will be ground up and used for drive fuel for paper mills and power plants.
“We thought it would be good for us to come in and take these old and useless tires off people’s hands and keep them out of landfills and back yards,” said Swartzendruber. “Old tries are a hazard on so many levels. When they sit up, they collect water and are a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos. They also can be harmful for the environment, so it’s very important for people to get them disposed of properly.”
The event was a partnership between Cooper Tire, Waste Management, the Lions Club and Building Blocks. Tupelo Environmental Planner Sherrie Cochran said the recycling event was just another way for residents to help keep the city clean and safe.
Kaye Lyle works for Building Blocks, a nonprofit that collects unused and unwanted building supplies like doors, windows, woods and paint. Lyle said even though many people didn’t show up, she was glad to be part of a good cause.
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