American Family Association has called for a picket Saturday o

American Family Association has called for a picket Saturday of stores selling pornography.

AFA is encouraging individuals, churches and groups to picket stores that sell or rent pornographic videos, magazines or other pornographic material.

Four stores being targeted in Northeast Mississippi between 10 a.m. and noon are Downs Discount Video in Tupelo, Booneville, Corinth and the Super C in the Skyline community.

Barbara Kerr, manager of the Downs video store in Booneville, drew a distinction between pornography and adult videos she rents and sells. “I don’t classify it as pornography,” she said. “We rent adult videos.”

Her store never rents or sells adult videos to customers who cannot prove they are 21 or older, she said.

“I sure don’t want any trouble,” Kerr said.

According to the AFA, pornographic magazines and videos are major business in the United States, with revenues growing from an estimated $1 billion in 1970 to between $10 billion and $12 billion now.

“Pornography can be stopped with effective action on the local level,” AFA President Donald E. Wildmon said.

The managers of Downs video stores in Tupelo and Corinth and Super C would not comment.

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