Amish set to be charged for garbage pickup in Pontotoc County

By Pontotoc Progress

PONTOTOC – After a review of the law and policy for garbage pickup, the county’s board of supervisors will begin billing Amish residents for trash service.
The board ordered all addresses of Amish residents to be procured and to have notices sent out immediately.
Phil Tutor, board attorney, said supervisors are bound by law to bill everyone in the county.
State law 19-5-17 gives them the authority to enforce it by saying that anyone who generates garbage should utilize the garbage collection and disposal system.
The only people exempt from this rule are those who operate a Department of Environmental Quality-approved landfill, and the only one approved in Pontotoc County is the Three Rivers Solid Waste facility.
This law also gives the county the power to sue for and recover the unpaid fees and all administrative and legal costs associated with collection.

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