Amnesty program ongoing

There’s still a little more than a week to escape jail time and pay your fine in Plantersville.
As of late last week, Plantersville Police Chief Maury Schuh said the police department had served 49 warrants in connection with a blitz to collect outstanding fines.
Schuh said the police will continue in their “warrants sweep” to find “those who have openly defied the Plantersville Municipal Court.”
About two-thirds of the defendants have taken advantage of the Amnesty Program, which continues until Sept. 17. If you voluntarily surrender to the police, you won’t go to jail for your fine.
Schuh said almost $12,000 has been collected in old fines.
“We had one gentleman voluntarily surrender on a 1986 case and pay his fine,” he said. “It should be noted that no one who has voluntarily surrendered has been incarcerated. All of those taking advantage of the Amnesty Program have been able to make a bond, go on a payment plan, or pay their fine.”
However, those who haven’t turned themselves in have been sentenced to contempt of court and are serving up to two weeks in the Lee County Adult Jail.
If you have an outstanding fine, contact the Plantersville Municipal Court Clerk at (662) 844-2012.

NEMS Daily Journal

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