Amory Schools collect items for recycling

All the schools in the Amory School District have been recycling items such as aluminum cans, aluminum tabs, plastic milk bottles, and newspapers.
For the past several years a “Learn and Serve” grant has been applied for and received where the students learn to do different things within the community that teaches them ways to give back to their community. This year’s grant is entitled “Learning and Growing in Amory.” Through this grant the students at each of the schools have taken ownership and are collecting and recycling different items at their school. Their efforts are to be commended.
A list of the type of things they have been collecting and what their plans are for recycling is listed: West Amory Elementary School – aluminum cans, aluminum tabs, and labels from Nestle’ water bottles; East Amory Elementary School – aluminum cans, aluminum tabs, shredded (and weighed) newspapers; Amory Middle School – plastic water bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum tabs; Amory High School – aluminum cans, aluminum tabs, plastic milk cartons, paper.
Each school has been encouraged to collect things that can be recycled. After much research and many phone calls a plan was developed. It should be noted here that most of the schools have always done some type of recycling with very little coverage. It’s just something the schools do without much publicity. Lori Sisk, the music teacher at West Amory, is collecting labels from Nestle’ water bottles. For each Nestle’ water bottle label two points can be used to get basketballs, a first-aid kit, etc. They are hoping that more labels will be collected so the larger items such as playground games and larger equipment can be chosen.
Anyone who is interested in helping with this project, but wants more information can go to The aluminum cans that are collected at all the schools go to the Amory Humane Society. They have a drop-off box on Black Cat Road where families can leave their aluminum cans, if not at the schools. The aluminum tabs will go to either the Ronald McDonald House in Jackson and/or to the Amory Humane Society. Both are very good causes. Plastic milk cartons are collected at Amory Middle School and Amory High School. Since this is a large project, the city of Amory has graciously allowed these plastic bottles to be stored in a room at the old National Guard Armory. East Amory and Amory High School are both collecting newspapers. East Amory is collecting, weighing, and charting the amount collected through the fifth grade math classes at their school. Amory High School is also collecting shredded newspaper and then a limited amount of it is taken to Amory Animal Hospital where some of it is used in animals’ cages.

Alice Ortiz

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