Amory surgeon uses new daVinci technique

By NEMS Daily Journal

AMORY – An Amory surgeon is making gall bladder surgery even less invasive.
Dr. Wood Brand recently performed the first robot-assisted surgery for gall bladder removal using a single incision site in Northeast Mississippi at Gilmore Regional Medical Center in Amory.
Traditional laparoscopic surgery and robot-assisted surgery uses multiple small incisions to place tools and cameras inside the body.
“Single site surgery allows for patients to have less abdominal scarring than traditional surgery,” Brand said. “We are always looking for ways our patients can experience less pain, less scarring and faster recovery. I believe this accomplishes all three.”
Gall bladder removal is the only procedure that currently has regulatory approval to be performed by the single site method.
Brand completed intensive training to perform the single site procedure in addition to the training he already received to perform surgery using the robot-assisted system.
The daVinci surgical robot systems are most commonly used for gynecological and urologic procedures, but more general surgeons are using the systems.
Robot-assisted surgery has shown indications of lowering the risk of post-surgical complications for most patients.
The robot-assisted system builds on less invasive techniques with tiny instruments that surgeons can manipulate from outside the body, guided by fiber optic cameras.
The surgeon uses a control station where they have a three-dimensional, enlarged view of the surgical site and very precise controls of the surgical tools, that, unlike traditional laparoscopic tools, can turn and pivot.

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