Amory woman charged with selling marijuana

djournalcrime-news_v2By Ray Van Dusen

Monroe Journal

AMORY – The Amory Police Department and North Mississippi Narcotics have arrested one person as part of an ongoing investigation, according to a statement from the APD.

Laquelia A. Pruitt, of Amory, 23, has been charged with sale of marijuana, and officers executed a search warrant on Pruitt’s property.

She was arraigned by Monroe County Justice Court Judge Robert Fowlkes and her bond is set at $3,000.

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  • barney fife

    Come on … law enforcement wasting time on somebody moving a bit of weed around? That’s nothing but a public service. Cops should be looking at folks not wearing seatbelts, talking / texting or otherwise paying not paying attention rather than bothering with marijuana.
    Reform our marijuana laws!

    • TWBDB

      I have to agree with you Barney. It’s apparent the State of MS doesn’t find this person to be a danger to herself, the community, or a flight risk or the cost to get out of jail would be more than $300 ( 10% of the bond gets you out ). This would also indicate this young lady’s history or current crime doesn’t rise to a significant level. However, the State of MS is prepared potentially ruin her chances of retaining her current job (should she have one) or drastically reduce her chances of securing a new job, educational opportunities with student loan assistance, etc via felony level charges.

      In reality, with no prior record this lady will most likely plead to a lessor charge on go on probation. Meantime, her name gets spread through the community in the paper.