Anderson appeals dismissal of lawsuit against airport

Tupelo stockTUPELO (AP) — Terry Anderson is appealing a judge’s ruling dismissing his lawsuit against the Tupelo Regional Airport Authority over his firing.

Anderson argued he was a victim of age discrimination. He says the board violated his First Amendment rights by terminating him for speaking to the media regarding a runway extension.

The board says Anderson lied when confronted about who gave information to news media about a runway expansion. The board also denied age was a factor.

Anderson was 64 when he was fired in 2009.

In a ruling earlier this month, U. S. District Judge Mike Mills says Anderson did not prove his firing was illegal on either claim.

Anderson’s appeal has been filed in the 5th U.S. District Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

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  • Bette

    Mr. Anderson was a superlative airport director and deserves reinstatement. Thanks to him
    the runways were redone, no easy task with the neighborhood traffic issues as well as
    successful negotiations with the Indians. His effort is certainly appreciated by many. As he told me in 2009 about the runway extension, “The extension is about the future economic development of
    Mississippi…the overwhelming potential it represents for this part of our State is critical to jobs for our children and grandchildren. Any support is graciously accepted.” Let us all now support this dedicated, very professional and honorable veteran who was unjustly terminated after accomplishing so much for the airport !

    • oldsawroundhere

      hey did not successfully negotiate with the indians, in fact he messed it up so bad that the runway will never cross over into the buffalo park and it has nothing to do with jackson, it has to do with the fact that terry was so undiplomatic with the indians that they will never grant it.

      secondly he lied, flat out, to his board, more than once. you should have read what the judge said. he has no case, this is just his lawyer gouging him for more money while filing the appeal

      LET IT REST!

  • tupelobeware

    Oldsawroundhere has become dulled and ineffective. Instead of telling the facts, your half-truths have become complete falsehoods. It was not in Anderson’s place to negotiate with the Chickasaw Nation. Neither was the FAA, Senator Wicker or the State Adjutant General. The Chickasaw requested that an organization on the federal level be the negotiating entity. A Presidential
    Committee working with the National Guard Bureau and the Chickasaw reached an agreement that allowed the runway extension project to move forward. The current Director and TAA tried to manipulate the project resulting in a meaningless 650 foot extension effectively eliminating FedEx from operating out of Tupelo. Again, check the record. In fact, the current Director has failed in
    every category of airport management; finances, accounting, management, administration, operations and safety. Check the record!

    Surely you know that the legal system is political and depending on the case, can be overruled and sent to the jury system where the real truth will surface. As you know sometimes perpetuating lies will overrule the truth if it doesn’t reach a jury trial.