Annual memorial and harp singing is Sunday May 17 at Concord Baptist Church west of Ellard

Annual memorial and harp singing is Sunday May 17 at Concord Baptist Church west of Ellard. Bro. Bill Williamson is church pastor. John Lee Vanhorn is chairman of the afternoon singing.
Wedding anniversaries this week: May 10 – Tim and Karen McCulloch; May 12 – Dan and Cheryl Hendrix; May 13 – Wilbur and Violet Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Culpepper; May 14 – Terry and Cathy Dauzat, Roger and Ruth Hudson; May 15 – Raymond and Alida Pruitt, Cliff and Kathleen Moore, Willie and Landrus West; May 16 – Dr. Neil and Lea Gant, Jessie and Peggy Armstrong, Jacob and Kimberly Morgan, Sammy and Marie Dillard.
Birthdays this week: May 10 – Minnie Mhoon, Cassandra Jackson, Sheila Jennings, Shakhodia Armstrong, Charles Shannon, Stanley Mister, Robert Thaenert, Brenda Cherry, Rinautica Armstrong; May 11 – Phillip Ellis, Crystal Mays, Mary Lee Wright, Crystal Kennedy, Doris Jones, John Childress, John Odum, Jeff Cardwell; May 12 – Kayla Tutor, Britney Williams, Justin Holloway, Andy Landreth, Sandra Lucius, Bub Castleberry, Fabian Krutinat, Preston Reifers; May 13 – Brittany Swarmer, Robert Willis, Earl McGreger, Preston McGreger, Trae Mill, Dante Jannings, Etoil Hayes, Dean Holder, Emily Mixon, Wayne Martin, Andy Chandler, Joseph Gray; May 14- Brian Sisk, Sharol Gibson, Ginger Tedder, Rodney Barnett, Ladonna Williams, Alicia McGregory, Terry Hill, Andrew Harville, Roy Johnson, Michael Perry; May 16 – Jake McGreger, Melvin Cardwell, Kimberly Wooten, Jessie Tidwell, Danielle Hardin, Shanna Downs, Johnathan Flanagan.
Really enjoyed being at Calvary last week for their revival. We rejoiced in the profession of faith and the spirit of the services.
Dennis Murphree, Jeff Bennett, Brenda Winter and Phylis Hughes did great with the music. Several brought special music during the week and the choir sang each night.
Thanks for the meals go to: Bro Steve Holliday, Brenda Winter (Jim Morgan of Calhoun City accompanied her two nights); Steve Hughes family; Bobby and Judy Brown – meal in their home; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Murphree.
It was good to have Bro. John Lancaster in the services two nights, cousin Clovis Logan and Bro. Justin Gates also attended. Pleased to see Bro. Ed and Josephine Pettit in the service at Calvary.
Calhoun pastors (Baptist) do not support one another like they should. About the only way some will come is if they are invited to preach. We should remember that other people can preach besides us.
Willa Kay and I were in Tupelo Friday and visited Olene Collums at Rosewood in Belden. She seems to be doing well except she is having a problem with vertigo.
Also, visited Mable Collins in that home. Her roommate recently died and she was speaking about that.
Last week it was mentioned that Calhoun has a new pastor coming on the field – Bro. Chris Duncan to Reedy’s Chapel.
This week I learned that we lost one of our Baptist pastors – Bro. J.R. Eaton from New Hope Church at Vardaman. He has accepted the pastorate of Cumberland Baptist Church in Webster County. Bro. Eaton has been at New Hope some five or more years.
Erlene Bullard was 90 on May 5. Stopped with her Saturday in the home of Robert, Jean and Robert Earnest Sharpe in Calhoun City.
Visited Charles and Maxine Shinall Sunday in their home in the Oak Grove community. Our prayers are for them. They have been special friends for years.
Euretta Harding Siminon of Charleston, S.C., formerly of the Bruce-Reid area, has been visiting for two weeks with Betty Edwards and her family in Bruce. She also visited several other family members in the area.
Mother’s Day visitors with Christine Bailey were Stan and Bobbie Bailey; Stephen, Kisha, Britton and Rivers Bailey; Cheryl, Jason, Breanna and John Benton Perault; Danny, Sharon and Richard Bailey; Emily, Brad, Elizabeth and Benjamin Mixon; Crystel, Alexis and Dixie Ellison; Andrea and Christopher Bailey.
Today is a dreary day on Hipp Hill in the Shady Grove community, but it indeed “is the day that the Lord hath made, and we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Any day that we are above the grass instead of the reverse is indeed a good day.
I hope that all moms experienced a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. Each mother at church yesterday received a red carnation, and Aunt Nellie Edwards received a red rose for being the oldest mother present and Cassie Bryant, one of our visitors, received a rose for being the youngest mother there.
Jacob Keel spent the weekend with his grandparents Patsy and Richard Ellis. When they took him home to Courtland last night, their son Mark cooked steak and baked potatoes for them. Richard said the dinner was really good.
Carolyn Hallum hosted two affairs for her family this weekend, in honor of her sister Johnnie Weeks of Arizona who ended her visit her today. Present for the fish fry Saturday were Johnnie, her daughters Joan Martin and Janet Klein and her granddaughter Erin Taylor, Kay McCormick, Easton and Kobe Cain, Tony Cain, Charles and Etoyle Cain, Tommy Cain, Sandra Cain, Randy Cain with C.J. and Landon, Jason, Jorden, Jennifer, Julianna, and Jensen Cain, Freida Hardin, Stevie Heath, Donna, Katie, and Bill Goodwin, Barbara Lantrip, Martha Covington, Maurice and Shirley Adams, Tony and Annette Ruth and Caden, and Christina Cox.
Those present for home-made ice cream on Sunday were Carolyn Hallman, Johnnie Weeks, Joan Martin, Janet Klein, Erin Taylor, Barbara Lantrip, Martha Covington, Kenneth Cain, Charles Cain, Donna Goodwin, Kay McCormick, Annette Ruth, Freida Hardin, Stevie Heath, and Katie Goodwin.
Yesterday Bro. Billy, Ann and Rebecca McCord visited with Mrs. Ruby Howell and took her some flowers. He reported that they had a really nice visit. Her other visitors this past week were John and Sarah Warner, Keith and Norma Davidson, Sally Ann Blount, Shirley Howell, Sandra Cozart, Shirley Wilson, Bobby and Faye Howell, Bro. Alexander, Faye Snyder, and Billy Howell.
Saturday before last Jerry and I drove out to visit awhile with one of our classmates, Dudley Davis, in his new home “The Aerie”. I commented that he lived in the “Eagle’s Nest”, and he seemed surprised and happy that I could define “aerie”. That word occurs frequently in crossword puzzles, which I love to solve. Dudley does indeed live in an eagle’s nest. From his living room, kitchen, or deck, one can see great distances in several directions. It seems that you are on the top of the world.
Dudley has unique furnishings and art work in and around his home. We had a delightful visit with him and plan to return soon to take a ride all around the area in his Jeep.
We were saddened to learn of the sudden death of Tom McKelroy last week. Our sympathy goes out to his family – and also to all of his friends and to the town of Bruce, who will miss him immensely.
Our family was also saddened when we learned of the death of Aunt Myrtice Bollinger’s granddaughter Cathy Holburt, last week in Frankfort, Ky. Cathy was the daughter of Jerry’s first cousin and our classmate Barbara Bollinger Powers of Canton. We went to Canton Thursday night to be with her family at the visitation.
This week let us try to make someone else happy.
Pleasant Hill enjoyed having many visitors for the memorial Sunday. The rain was coming down, but that did not keep people from coming. The church was filled with family members coming to honor their loved ones that were buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
I hope all the mothers had a happy day. I did, Britt, Pam and John Graves had us for lunch after church. We visited in Melba Cannon’s home afterwards to see all the Cannons. We all had a wonderful day. I hope everyone remembered to tell their mother that you loved them. I miss my mother, Artie Cannon, everyday.
Happy birthday wishes to: Kala Dye, Ava Youngblood.
Happy anniversary to Robert and Heather Grier.
We missed the Keeton family at church Sunday. They went to Gauley where David’s family are buried.
Carol Fleming of Texas died last week. Carol has many relatives in Calhoun. We extend our love and sympathy to his family.
Curtis Bryant spent several days in Calhoun Health Services last week.
Jerone and Gloria Funderburg of Grenada visited Ervin and Danny at C.C. Blouses Friday afternoon.
Burl Hardin is out of the hospital and recuperating at his son’s home.
David Clark visited Nancy Funderburg at Off the Alley Thursday afternoon. He said he had been so busy working on his new house, that he had not been doing what a deacon should do. I love David, and enjoyed his visit.
Michael Joe Cannon of Greenwood came late Tuesday for Betty Edmondson’s funeral. She worked for Cannon Motor Co. in Calhoun City. Michael Joe said he had never seen a cemetery as pretty as College Hill. He was still talking about the cemetery Sunday.
Diane, Johnny and John Ross Easley are visiting Dr. David Easley’s family in Tennessee.
Our prayers are for Jane Lunceford, who is in NMMC in Tupelo.
Johsua Warren is Pleasant Hill summer youth director. He will begin working with our youth on May 20.
Relay for Life Survivor Team presents Competition of the Stars Friday, May 15th at 7 p.m. at the Bollinger Theatre in Bruce.
Ervin and Danny Funderburg visited Shirley and J.W. Goodson at Bruce last Tuesday afternoon.
Continue to remember Betty Jean Therrell in your prayer time. She is in ICU at NMMC, Tupelo.
Sue Cannon and Tony Hardin of Alabama came by Off the Alley to visit with Nancy Funderburg and Pam Burt Saturday afternoon.
Audry Lyles did not get a good report from her doctor. Audry is battling cancer.
Allison Childs, Steven Crosby, Josh Doss, Del Hemphill, Virginia Holland, Randy Hubbard, Sissy Taylor were added to Pleasant Hill prayer list Sunday.
We extend our love and deepest sympathy to: June Ferguson family, A.J. “Fat” Hodges family, Tom McKelroy family, James Sprayberry family.
Mrs. Vinie Spencer’s funeral was Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. at Pryor Funeral Home chapel. We extend our love and deepest sympathy to this family. The Spencer family has always been our best friends. There has been so many deaths and sick people, until I hate to answer the phone.
Ace Cannon said tell the “Jones Girls” that he would be tooting his horn for the Ace Cannon Festival and the Ace Cannon Golf Tournament.
Sean Cannon and children of Alabama surprised Nancy and Pam Saturday when he came walking in the door of Off the Alley, with his father, Jeff Cannon. Sean does not get to come home often.
Yancydine Smith and Rose Diamond went to the National Quilt Show in Paducah, Ky. They saw some beautiful quilts, but agreed it was too crowded and they would not go again. They enjoyed the Rotary’s old quilt display very much.
J.J. Hitt graduated at Holmes Friday night. Those that made the trip were grandparents, Robert and Vicky Hitt and Jean Kelley; Great-grand, Ruth Crutchfield; parents, John and Stephanie Hitt along with Bob Hitt and Sherry, Jessica Moore, Natasha, Travis and Seth Scott, Wendy Jones, Michael and Randall Kelly, George Hitt and Rose Diamond. A large graduation party was held Saturday at his home. His uncle Bob surprised him with a crawfish boil.
The 30th annual Hitt reunion was Sunday at the home of Billie and Geneise Hitt with 61 in attendance. Everyone agreed that the new tombstone for Lazarus Hitt and wife that George Hitt replaced at Pleasant Hill Cemetery was beautiful.
Lazarus Hitt has the oldest dated tombstone at Pleasant Hill.
Tri-Community Homemakers will meet at the Pleasant Hill fellowship hall, Thursday night at 6:30. Millie Goforth will present a program about herbs. Everyone is invited. Potluck will be served.
A good Monday morning to one and all. Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying life and all the greenery and more rain to come. Hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day.
We had a good day at church yesterday. Bro. and Mrs. Waldrop were visitors with us and he preached for us. A good Mother’s Day message, and Bro. Robert presented a gift to all the women.
Next Sunday, the third Sunday, we will have our regular third Sunday fellowship meal. Bring your favorite dish and be with us.
Glad to report that Larry Stacy is doing better. They are going to wait a week or two to see how his back does. Hopefully no surgery.
John and Rita visited Sunday with the Tony Pollans at Hernando and attended church as little Ava Marie was being dedicated.
Mr. Albert visited Myrl over the weekend – Dobie and wife were supper guests Saturday night.
Jr., Patsy and Lori visited me Sunday night.
Sorry I did not make it to church Sunday morning and night. I know we had a good church attendance. Bro. Harrelson brought two good messages.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown were our breakfast guests Saturday ans spent the day. Jacob Samuell visited us Saturday afternoon.
Audie Mae Austin spent Mother’s Day weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Billy Garrett in Hernando.
Mr. and Mrs. John Crump, Mr. and Mrs. Macon Lafoe and Trip, Blake, Stephanie and Lynlee spent Mother’s Day with Bertha Casey.
Mama visited Evelyn Earp by phone Sunday afternoon. They had a good visit.
Terry Hannaford from North Carolina called his mother Vara Nabors Sunday morning to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.
We have had our share of rain lately. But in a couple of months we will be wondering if it will every rain again. We just have to trust God when it comes to the weather.
Hope all the mothers and a wonderful day.
Our week started with Sunday school with Lee and Jimmy Hubbard. Joe Tallent was here in the afternoon along with Bro. Benefield and Sarepta Baptist Church.
Monday was our all day bingo. We really love our bingo here.
Tuesday Jane had inspirational reading at 10 a.m. These stories are great motivators. They inspire us to be good Christians.
Wednesday morning our pink ladies were here for bingo. Bro. Alexander was here for 2 p.m. services. Ms. Peggy Cowsert and Martha Leachman were playing and singing.
Thursday morning Bro. Jeff Lee was back for Bible study. Bro. Jeff does a good job in his teaching. Thursday afternoon we enjoyed sitting out on our pavilion. We now have our ramps on both sides so we will be able to enjoy going out more often. While we were outside Marty was working on a rose bed. We thank Melba and Dean Box for the roses in honor of Ms. Lorene Murphree. Marty got them planted and they are so pretty.
Friday morning we had bingo. At 2 we had a Mother’s Day social. Cake with blueberry topping was served. All the ladies received a rose.
Last week was Nurses Week so the nursing staff was honored with a social also. They would like to thank the clubs who brought treats throughout the week. We have a wonderful nursing staff here. Thank you ladies for all you do.
This week is National Nursing Home Week. We have lots of fun stuff going on all week. Drop by to see us if you can. Until next time. God bless you.
It will be good to see the sun shining after all the again. I heard someone say their garden had drowned.
On the way to Thorn for church services Sunday, I did not see any potato plants out. I remember several years ago when we were chopping cotton on my mother’s birthday, which was the 23rd of June. It was a wet spring and cotton was planted late. We usually were chopping cotton after the third Sunday in May. There was always a harp singing on the third Sunday in May and we would start on that cotton patch on Monday morning.
I’m thankful people don’t have to farm that old time way now. That was really hard work.
Our sympathy to those who have had loved ones pass away.
Mrs. Carr is back from the hospital. We hope she will be feeling better. Mrs. Carr’s son, daughters, Lois Camp and Beck Lee have been with her. Mrs. Daniel’s visitors were L.W. and Fay Morris and Wanda Hurst. Robbie Hardin visited her mother Mrs. Batson. Those visiting Mrs. Wells were Billy and Mary Sue Wells. Lorene Murphree’s visitors were Grady Ferguson, Jill Ferguson and Josey Clark, Clara Mae Beckett Perlene Saxton and Pansy Camp, Dean and Melba Box.
Melba and Dean brought her two beautiful rose bushes. There were set out, outside of her window. We will enjoy seeing them blooming when we go outside.
We went out one afternoon last week. Mrs. Moss’s flower bed is looking pretty, the little red rose is covered with blooms. Her daughter, Debbie Musgrove visited over the weekend. Jill Ferguson and Josie Clark visited. Betty Turner visited Pat Turner. Darlene Box came for her grandmother Mrs. Wilson Sunday to spend time with her family. Shirley Brown and Norma Hawkins visited their mother Mrs. McKibben. Patrick and Amy Brown also visited. Mrs. Brown visited in the home of her daughter-in-law Sandra Brown and family Sunday, her daughters Bobbie, Omma and Jimmie, also grandchildren. Linda Ward visited Mrs. Covington.
Dot Hardin was a visitors of Wanda Mitchell. Bobby and Sara McGreger, Judy Allred and Mable Easley were visitors of Lillian McGreger. Mrs. Crew’s visitors were Jimmie and Nonie Franklin, her sister Mrs. Blissard and niece Sara Lowe. Jane Bryant was a visitor of Gay Harrelson. I was sorry to hear about Helen Parker not being well. She always visited Mrs. Gay often. We wish the best for her.
Those visiting with Mrs. Vance were Andy and Amy Reid, Beverly Ruth, Judy Burgess, Jimmie and Nonie Franklin. Jo Ann Denley, Celia Hillhouse, Abbie Rae and Lisa McNeece were Mrs. Denley’s visitors. Visiting Mrs. Josie were Bobby and Judy Brown, Carol and Diane Murphree, Cloe Clements, and Minister Steve Holliday. Brenda Biffel visited Mrs. Helms. Ann Malone, Dave and Suzanne Hardin were Mrs. Bowles visitors.
Betty Heath was a visitors of Mrs. Overstreet. Mike and Mary Sutten visited Mrs. Kennedy. James H. Easley was a visitors of Mrs. Easley. Cam and Darlene Weir visited Mrs. Weir. Andy, Lib and Danny Massey, Barbara Bailey, Bill Ashmore an dGay Golding were visitors of Mrs. Massey. Roy, Mack and R.M. Davis, Sara Quillen and Lettecia were visitors of Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Hughe’s family visits often. D.R., Jess, Jessey and Lisa Barfield visited Mrs. Barfield. Linda Tedford and Elizabeth Clanton were visitors of Mrs. Dean. Thelma Hallman visited Mrs. Miller. Teena Belk visited Ora Jean Kilgore. Dorothy Harrelson visited Mrs. Glennie. Mrs. Cook’s daughters and son visited with her. Mrs. Lora’s visitors have been family members.
My daughter Sandra Walls came after me Sunday morning and I attended church services with her. I enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing Jerry Henderson preach. Dwayne and Shirley, Don and Shirley Jean came for lunch and enjoyed our time together. Granddaughter Kathryn Walls from Huntsville, Ala., spent the weekend with Jerry and Sandra. I was happy to see her.
I hope everyone has a good week. Psalms 145:18-20 The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him; He also will hear their cry and will save them. The Lord perserveth all them that love him, but all the wicked will he destroy.
May God’s blessings be with you.
Have a good week.


Mack Spencer

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