Apparently, fights rising as temps do

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Fights and temper flares are on the rise in Lee County.
Tupelo Police Maj. Jackie Clayton and Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson said they have seen an increase in domestic violence and other physical altercations since the wave of hot weather began to blanket the area a couple weeks ago.
Clayton said domestic calls are up 20 percent or more and every three calls he receives is about a domestic fight.
“I don’t know if tempers are quicker when it’s hot or what the reason for it is, but we definitely are seeing a lot more altercations with all this heat,” said Clayton. “People seem to be more irritable and less tolerable of one another when it’s hot. Altercations are up all together.”
Johnson said domestic situations put officers and deputies in danger so police are concerned. Johnson said he doesn’t know what it is about warm weather that causes these problems but he makes sure his deputies are aware of the increased dangers of responding to domestic calls.
“When the weather gets hot the days get longer and people tend to be around each other more,” said Johnson. “And ultimately that leads to a lot of problems whether that’s domestic altercations or people getting into it in the public.
“It could be the fact that more people are out for longer hours that causes it. Schools are not in so there are a lot of school-age children and teens who are out. So I can’t say it’s the heat that caused it but I can say that it’s the summer months when these types of crimes increase.”
Johnson’s advice to people who are irritable in the extreme heat is just cool off.
“Just get somewhere and relax when the heat is too much for you,” said Johnson.
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