Artwork list

Prints available for loan from the Lee County Library:

Adams, Ansel, ”Thundercloud, Unicorn Peak”
Amuchastegui, Axel, “Red Fox.”
Bannister, Edward M., ”Sabin Point, Narragansett Bay”
Behrens, Howard, ”Memories of Italy, Portofino”
Benson, Frank W. ”The Black Hat, 1904”
Blish, Carolyn, ”Sun Washed Wall”
Bonnard, Pierre, ”The Open Window”
Borch, Gerard ter, ”The Concert”
Bosin, Blackbear, ”Prairie Fire”
Bouguereau, William Adolphe, ”The Nut Gatherers”
Brimacombe, Gerald, ”Peggy's Cove”
Brueghel, Jan, the younger. ”Still Life: a basket of flowers”
Bye, Ranulph, ”Plains”
Cafieri, [Untitled]
California Park and Recreation Information System, ”Champs Elysees”
California Park and Recreation Information System, ”Notre Dame”
California. Park and Recreation Information System, “Tour Eiffel”
Cassatt, Mary, ”The boating party”
Cassatt, Mary, ”Little Girl in a Blue Armchair”
Chagall, Marc, ”Finestra Aperta”
Chase, William Merritt, “A Friendly Call”
Chenoweth, Jane V., “Flowering Quince”
Colombo, Charles, “Revolutionary Bell”
Crite, Allan Rohan, “School's Out”
De Kammerer, Maria, “Boy with Dog”
Degas, Edgar, “Ecole de Danse”
Doutreleau, Pierre, “After the Storm”
Doyle, Mary Miller, “Coffee”
Eisenstaedt, Alfred, ”Trees in Snow”
Falk, Barbara Bustetter, “Norwalk Revisited”
Fragonard, Jean-Honore, “Young Girl Reading”
Garneray, “Vue de la Nouvelle Orleans”
Gish, Dell, “Lilies and Peaches”
Gogh, Vincent van, “Gypsy Camp”
Goings, Ralph, “Ralph's Diner”
Goya, Francisco, ”The Execution”
Goya, Francisco, “Don Manual”
Grant, Wood, “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”
Greenleaf, Virginia, ”Chrysanthemums and Daisies”
Gregg, Sammuel, “Evening song”
Hagen, Bettina, “Cottage Idyll”
Hals, Franz, “Portrait of an Officer”
Hassam, Childe, “French Tea Garden”
Hassam, Childe, “The South Ledges, Appledore”
Herrera, Velino Shije, “Buffalo hunt”
Hicks, Edward, “Peaceable Kingdom”
Homer, Winslow, “The Morning Bell”
Homer, Winslow, “Gloucester Harbor, 1873”
Homer, Winslow, “Three boys on the shore, 1873”
Homer, Winslow, “Shore at Bermuda, 1899”
Homer, Winslow, “The Berry Pickers”
Homer, Winslow, “Four Leaf Clover”
Homer, Winslow, “The Pink Pond”
Homer, Winslow, “In the Mowing”
Hopper, Edward, “Night Hawks”
Hornbuckle, Marianne, “Jemez Series”
Ingiverson, James, “Gary”
Inukai, Kyohei, “The Red Hose”
Jardine, Liz, ”Midsummer Reverie”
Jefferson, Thomas, “Declaration of Independence”
Johnson, William H., “Going to Church”
Kandinsky, Wassily, “Heavy Circles”
Kandinsky, Wassily, “Points in a Bow”
Kano Montonobu, “Flowers and Birds”
Kissler, Marlene, “Tulip Fields, Apres Monet”
Klimt, Gustav, “Pendio Montano a Unterach Sull'attersee”
Klimt, Gustav, “Die Jungfrau”
Korean artist, unknown, “Puppy Carrying a Pheasant Feather”
Lake, Randall, “Summer Floral”
Leonardo da Vinci, “The Last Supper”
Lewis, Edmund Darch, “Good Apple Year”
Li Sheng, “Saying Farewell by the Lake Diahshan”
Lovely, Candace Whittemore, “The Verandah”
Matisse, Henri, “Goldfish”
Matisse, Henri, “The Dance”
Matisse, Henri, “The Purple Robe”
McClure, Susan Tolle, “Victorian Porch”
Miller, Alfred Jacob, “Indian scout”
Millet, Jean Francois, “The Angelus, 1859”
Millet, Jean Francois, “Young Shepherdess”
Mondrian, Piet, “Rhododendron”
Monet, Claude, “Poplars”
Morath, Stephen, “Abundant Harvest”
Morisot, Berthe, “In the Dining Room”
Morland, George, “A Tea Garden”
Moses, Grandma (Anna Mary), “Hoosick Valley from my Window”
Moses, Grandma (Anna Mary), “In Harvest Time”
Moses, Grandma (Anna Mary), “July Fourth”
Nechis, Barbara, “Summer Silhouette”
O'Keeffe, Georgia, “White Canadian Barn”
O'Keeffe, Georgia, “Black and Purple Petunias”
O'Keeffe, Georgia, “Oriental Poppies,1928”
Os, Jan van, “Flowers”
Paley, Joan, “Spring”
Parrish, Maxfield, “Twilight”
Picasso, Pablo, “Guernica,1937.”
Picasso, Pablo, “Portrait d'Olga, 1917”
Picolia, Francis, “Sunlight on the Banks of the Loing”
Pipin, Horace, “The Domino Players”
Pissarro, Camille, “The Red House”
Pissarro, Camille, “Place du Theatre Francais”
Pisssarro, Camille, “Boulevard des Italiens Morning Sunlight”
Plante, William, “My Clouds”
Prendergast, Maurice Brazil, “Central Park”
Pyon Sand-byok, “Cats and Sparrows”
Redon, Odilon, “Bouquet of Flowers in a Green Vase”
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, “Portrait of the Artist's Son, Titus”
Rembrandt, Van Ryn, “Man with the Golden Helment”
Renoir, Auguste, “Child in White”
Renoir, Auguste, “The Seine at Asnieres”
Renoir, Auguste, “Portrait of a young girl, 1888”
Renoir, Pierre Auguste, “Children's Afternoon at Wargemont”
Ringgold, Faith, “Tar Beach”
Rivera, Diego, “The Flower Seller, 1942.”
Robinson, Theodore, “Girl with the Dog”
Rockwell, Norm (Norman), “Walking to Church”
Rockwell, Norm (Norman), “Ours … to Fight for Freedom from Fear”
Rockwell, Norm (Norman), “Ours… to Fight for Freedom from Want”
Rockwell, Norm (Norman), “Save Freedom of Worship”
Rockwell, Norm (Norman), “Save Freedom of Speech”
Rockwell, Norman, “Painting the Little House”
Rousseau, Henri Julien Felix, “The Cart of Pere Juniet”
Ruisdael, Jacob I. van, “Landscape with Waterfall”
Santi, Raphael, “The Alba Madonna”
Santi, Raphael, “Madonna del Granduca”
Sargent, John Singer, “The Sketchers”
Sargent, John Singer, “In the Luxembourg Gardens”
Shuptrine, Hubert, “Apple Plenty”
Sloan, John, “The City from Greenwich Village”
Strazadins, Vilnis, “Mountain Twilight”
Stuart, Gilbert, “The Skater”
Tada, Joni Eareckson, “New Life”
Tannyu (Kano Tannyu), “Summer Palace”
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de, “La Dance de la Gouloue”
Trevyh, ”La Clairiere”
Van Gogh, Vincent, “Garden of Irises”
Van Gogh, Vincent, “Irises”
Vermeer, Johannes, “Milkmaid”
Vlaminck, Maurice de, “Winter Landscape”
Volkers, Emil, “The Anxious Foal”
Wallis, Kent, “Coastal City”
Waterhouse, John William, “Angels of Music”
Waterhouse, John William, “Miranda the Tempest”
Whistler, James McNeill, “Battersea Reach”
Whistler, James McNeill, “Little Girl in White”
Williams, Ruth Russell, “Family Reunion”
Williams, Ruth Russell, “Outdoor Baptism”
Willis, Sidney F., “Awakening”
Wilson, Marion, “Sampler”
Wilson, Patton, “Morning Arrangement”
Wyeth, Andrew (Newell), “Writing Chair”
Wyeth, Andrew, “Chester County Farm”
Wyeth, Andrew, “Groundhog Day”
Wyeth, Andrew, “Under Sail”
Wyeth, Andrew, “Marsh Hawk”
Wyeth, Jamie, “Fogbound Island”
Zaring, Barbara, “Valdez, Looking West”
Zund, Robert, “The Harvest”

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