Ashland youngster remains in hospital due to fire that killed parents

By Joyce Brock/Southern Advocate News Editor

ASHLAND – Infant Israel Tello remains hospitalized at Le Bonheur Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Tello suffers from multiple complications related to smoke inhalation, according to his Great Aunt Ruby Vanstory.

Tello was a victim of a house fire on Friday, Dec. 3, which claimed the lives of his parents, 25-year-old Krystal Tello and 25-year-old Miguel Morales. The child was carried from the burning home by a neighbor. Initially, family expected the child to make a full recovery. Shortly after he was hospitalized, they began to learn the extent of his injuries.

The child was rendered both deaf and blind by his injuries. In addition, he has neurological damage. The extent of the child’s brain damage is not yet known, according to family. Tello’s medical care providers anticipate a transfer to a hospital in Atlanta, Ga., for further care. They are optimistic that some of the neurological damage can be reversed with treatment, said Vanstory.

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