Asthma Super Saturday helps people breathe easy

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Instructors combined helpful information with fun activities to make sure Asthma Super Saturday was well-received.
More than 20 adults and children showed up for Asthma Super Saturday at the Northeast Mississippi Medical Center Women’s Hospital on Saturday. Women’s Hospital Respiratory Manager Kathy Haynes said the event is put on quarterly as a way to help educate those who have asthma.
“Asthma education is critical because asthma is a chronic condition, but it is very controllable,” said Haynes. “We try to teach people the importance of taking their medication and the proper way to use that medication. We see so many times that people have the medicine and use it, but do it improperly.”
Haynes said asthma is the No. 1 cause for children to be hospitalized and the No. 1 reason for missing school.
“Getting asthma under control is very important because it can affect the whole household,” said Haynes. “If a child has to go to the hospital or miss school because of it, their parents have to miss work to take care of them. And the child can get behind on schoolwork. So controlling asthma is very important.”
Local allergist Dr. Matt Oswalt schooled participants on what triggers asthma. Oswalt told the group things like dust mites and animal hair can cause a person’s asthma to act up.
Laura Mitchell’s son, Jayden, was diagnosed with asthma at 5 years old. Even though she knows what to do to treat Jayden’s asthma, Mitchell said workshops help keep her mind fresh and reassure her that she is taking care of the problem correctly.
“We do a pretty good job of keeping his asthma under control,” said Mitchell. “But it never hurts to polish up on things, especially when it’s your child. I want to make sure I am doing everything needed so I can take care of him properly.”
Haynes said Asthma Super Saturday is just another way the NMMC reaches out to help the community.
“We really try to reach out to the community and provide them with things that will help them,” said Haynes. “Helping people deal with their asthma is another way that we do that.”

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