AT&T to Throttle Heavy Data Users, is T-Mobile Merger the Only Solution?

By International Business Times/

AT&T announced on Friday that it will throttle heavy users on its unlimited data plan starting Oct. 1.

“We’re taking steps to manage exploding demand for mobile data,” said the company in a statement. The ultimate solution to the network capacity crunch, however, is “nothing short of completing the T-Mobile merger,” stated AT&T.

From day one, AT&T has touted more network capacity and more coverage for the U.S. as a major reason to support its proposed merger with T-Mobile.

“The planned combination of AT&T and T-Mobile is the fastest and surest way to handle the challenge of increasing demand and improving network quality for customers,” said AT&T, which expects network traffic to increase eight to 10 times in the next five years.

AT&T claimed T-Mobile has compatible technologies, complementary spectrum assets, and well-matched cell site locations.

However, not everyone agrees with AT&T that its merger with T-Mobile presents the only solution, or even a good one.

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, one of the most vocal opponents of the deal, asserts that the merger would give AT&T too much market share and allow it to engage in anti-competitive behavior at the expense of U.S. society.


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