Attacks hurt Gingrich in Iowa, no letup pre-caucus

By The Associated Press

MANCHESTER, Iowa (AP) — More than $1 million in negative advertising has eroded Newt Gingrich’s standing in Iowa and thrown the Republican presidential race here wide open two weeks before the first votes. Much of it has been bankrolled by Mitt Romney’s allies.

Gingrich’s Iowa slide mirrors his newfound troubles nationally, and it has boosted Romney’s confidence while fueling talk that libertarian-leaning Texas Rep. Ron Paul could pull off a win on Jan. 3.

Gingrich is dismissing the negative attacks, even as he acknowledges they have taken a toll on him.

More attacks are expected. A Romney-aligned super PAC is going on the air with another $1.4 million in ads in the coming weeks, likely attacking Gingrich.

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