Authorities busts large dog-fighting ring in Benton County

By NEMS Daily Journal

Marshall and Benton County authorities, working with state and federal agencies, busted a large pit bull fighting ring Saturday night.
“This was one of the largest pit bull fights that has occurred in America; we’ve determined that through our intelligence,” said Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson.
The fight took place Saturday night in Benton County north of Ashland. Dickerson estimated about 100 people there “from all over the United States – Ohio, Florida, California.”
Forty were arrested and more than 60 vehicles were seized. Many ran when police raided the building and escaped into the woods, but police used canine units to track them down.
Officials also seized between $50,000 and $100,000 that was being used to bet on the dogs.
Someone within the ring fired several shots when the raid began, and Dickerson said it hadn’t been determined if they were firing into the air or at police.
Dickerson said “two or three” dogs may already be dead or may have to be euthanized, and they’re working with the Humane Society to take care of the other 15 dogs.
The 40 people arrested face arraignment Tuesday in Benton County.

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