Authorities increase patrols for DUI initiative

The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi Highway Patrol says it will increase patrols as part of a national initiative called “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.”

Mississippi Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz says 30 percent of all fatal automobile crashes in Mississippi are alcohol-related.

A news release says the Department of Public Safety has distributed federal grants to pay overtime to put additional officers on duty to arrest drunk and drugged drivers.

The campaign is a two-week effort continuing through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

The enforcement campaign is coupled with an advertising campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.

  • the_rocket

    Make sure your tag, inspection sticker and insurance are up to date or you’ll get to participate in the MHP’s “We go fishing, you catch a ticket” campaign. The_Rocket would like to see the number of tickets wrote for non alcohol offenses at these checkpoints.
    You’re only a few steps away from having to present your papers or your tattoo to go about your business.

  • barney fife

    A responsible vehicle operator keeps the insurance / inspection & tag current. Easy to do.
    That same responsible vehicle operator keeps their vehicle in proper working order – lights all work, wipers, defroster. The little things.
    Hang Up and Drive! Put the d&*#$! phone down and pay attention to what is going on around you.
    Minimize distractions.
    Use all available safety equipment.
    Don’t drive while intoxicated on anything.
    A few sentences on how to survive over 40 years driving American highways.