Auto burglars hit two Saltillo neighborhoods

By JB Clark

Daily Journal

SALTILLO – Nine Saltillo residents reported items stolen from their cars during the night Tuesday.

Police Chief Grant Bailey said the burglars are taking mostly cash and electronics from unlocked vehicles.

“This is going on in our area right now, and residents need to please start locking their vehicles,” Bailey said. “Even in their driveways and garages.”

The auto burglaries happened in the Saddle Creek and Scenic Cove neighborhoods, behind the Subway off of Highway 145.

“One person this morning reported seeing two people at his neighbor’s house with flashlights, near the yard,” Bailey said. “They took off running, and he didn’t get a good enough look to get a description.”

Bailey said for residents to make sure valuable items, like purses or GPSs, are hidden from view. “That way they won’t be tempted to knock the window out,” he said.

As of now, the burglars are only hitting unlocked vehicles.

Anyone with information can call the Saltillo Police Department at 869-5454.