Baby abandoned at Salvation Army in Houston

HOUSTON – A baby less than a week old was found abandoned at the Salvation Army in downtown Houston Tuesday night.

Houston Town Marshal Billy Voyles said the Hispanic baby boy was found in a car seat behind the Salvation Army at 114 West Washington about 6:15 p.m., shortly after a cold rain had moved through the area.

“The baby was wrapped in a blanket the and car seat he was in was still warm,” said Voyles. “We don’t think he had been there long.”

Voyles said a man dropping off a TV at the Salvation Army spotted the baby. Voyles said the man saw Chickasaw County Deputy Sheriff and Mississippi Highway Patrol cars parked at a restaurant across the street from the Salvation Army store and alerted them.

“He came in the restaurant and was saying he had found a baby, he had found a baby,” said Voyles. “The deputies and the highway patrolmen immediately went over. They got the baby secure and called DHS (Department of Human Services) and they picked the baby up.”

Voyles said this is the first time he can remember anything like this happening in Houston.

“The baby was carried to the hospital and is fine,” said Voyles. “There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with him and we were told he was only a day or two old.”

Voyles said while newborns can be legally dropped off at local police departments, fire departments or hospitals, it is illegal to abandon any child.

“This is a felony and we are working this case hard to find out who did this,” said Voyles. “If anyone has any information about this case or knows of someone who might have had this baby, we are asking them to call 911.”

Voyles said the situation could have turned out different.

“It was cold last night” said Voyles. “If that baby had been left out and we found him this morning, things could have been a lot different.”

Chickasaw Journal

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