BAD CHECKS: Tax collector pursues
collection of worthless checks

Hed: Tax collector pursues

collection of worthless checks

TUPELO – Tax Collector Leroy Belk Jr. presented Lee County supervisors with a list of bad check writers who had stiffed the county for $11,821.29.

Saying he understood that sometimes people get caught in hard times, Belk also said that people have to pay up and make good their checks or “you and I have to make up the difference.”

The checks range from $3,000 to $5 and mostly represent payments for car tags, according to the list presented Monday. Belk plans to go through the Lee County Justice Court to collect on the checks.

To prevent a reoccurrence, Belk said he wants a check system that will immediately deduct the amount from a checking account – similar to a debit card transaction.

Some local businesses have the machine, which reads a check and automatically deducts the money from the checkwriter's account. Once the paper runs through the machine and secures the funds, the person gets their paper check back as a receipt.