Barbour hopes to remain un-overridden

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JACKSON — Haley Barbour, the former chair of the Republican National Committee, is going through his sixth regular session of the Mississippi Legislature as governor.
That is probably enough right there to make you a little crazy. Of course, Barbour has probably made legislators a little crazy as well.
One thing that most likely gripes many legislators is the fact that he has never had a veto overridden.That may be unprecedented.
Of course, during that time he has signed some bills into law that he did not like, such as Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant’s proposal last year to clamp down on illegal immigrants and the employers who hire them.
This week Barbour is expected to veto legislation that prevents the government from taking private land for use by another private entity. Based on the vote in support of the bill when it passed the Legislature, Barbour could be facing his most serious veto override threat yet.
But the Republican governor has been working to gain support for his position. Last week he met with numerous members of the Legislative Black Caucus — not the group that he normally turns to for support.
Barbour also sounded like he might veto another popular bill — to ban the use of traffic cameras.

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