Beach Boys to bring ‘Fun Fun Fun’ to Tupelo

The Beach Boys will be joined by actor and musician John Stamos at the concert tonight at BancorpSouth Arena.

The Beach Boys will be joined by actor and musician John Stamos at the concert tonight at BancorpSouth Arena.

Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Beach Boys’ golden harmonies and infectious melodies have taken the legendary rock band all over the world in its 50-year history, but the band is playing Tupelo for the first time tonight.

Or, at least original band member Mike Love is pretty sure it’s the first time.

“You know, it sounds awfully familiar, but I don’t know; we’ve played all over the place,” he said in a phone interview with the Daily Journal from his hotel in Huntsville, Alabama. “We’ve done over 100 shows a year for 50 years.”

The music Love and his cousins, Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson and Al Jardine created spawned a host of hit singles and albums. Rolling Stone listed “Pet Sounds” the second-best album of all time, and hits like “Help Me, Rhonda,” “California Girls,” “I Get Around,” “God Only Knows” and “Good Vibrations” are classic tracks.

Fans can expect a mix of favorite tunes and a few covers at the Tupelo show, Love said.

“We don’t do concerts without doing our hits. I look at it like, if people are gonna come see you, you do they songs they know. We do ‘Surfin’ U.S.A.’ and ‘I Get Around’ and ‘Fun Fun Fun’ and ‘California Girls,’ ‘Good Vibrations,’ ‘Kokomo.’ ‘Kokomo’ is probably the biggest sing-along song, like ‘Help Me, Rhonda’ and ‘Barbara Ann,’” he said. “We’ve always appreciated other people’s music, so whenever we really got to loving a song we’d do our own version of it.”

The Beach Boys will be joined on stage by actor and musician John Stamos tonight.

He started playing with the band in 1985, and even brought the band on his sitcom “Full House.”

“He’s a drummer in addition to being an actor. He plays the drums, and he’s darn good at it too. He could be in a rock band if he wanted to,” Love said. “He’s quite the showman and people get a real kick out of having him with us. It’s a special treat for the audience and it is for us, too. He’s a good guy. He’ll sing ‘Forever,’ which he did on ‘Full House’ and it was written by my cousin Dennis Wilson.”

Love has had an incredible career, and he said he’s loved it all, from creating the music to meeting fellow legends to playing all over the world.

“The most fascinating time was in India in ‘68 at Maharishi (Mahesh Yogi)’s place. The Beatles were there, Donovan was there and Mia Farrow was there,” he said. Love and George Harrison celebrated their birthdays there that year, and later Love wrote the song “Pisces Brother” about his time with Harrison.

“I still practice transcendental meditation,” Love said. “It gives me the energy and the clarity and the positivity to undertake the number of concerts that we do in a year.”

Love is excited for the Tupelo show, and to see how fans continue to interact with these hit songs.

“I like going around and doing these shows and seeing audiences, not only in the U.S., appreciating our music,” he said. “Being one of the co-creators of a lot of the hits and lead singer on a number of them, it’s emotionally uplifting and great and fun to see multiple generations enjoy the music. They’re all able to appreciate the music as a family.”

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