Beaver control program under way in Alcorn County

By The Associated Press

CORINTH — Alcorn County landowners have until Dec. 2 to sign up for the local beaver bounty program.

The Daily Corinthian reports that the program is designed to control the numbers of beavers and therefore reduce the property damage.

“This is our most popular program offered to local landowners,” said Sandy Mitchell, district clerk for the USDA National Resource Conservation Service. “Those who participate in the beaver program see the benefits of their tax dollars.”

The beavers are notorious for damming creeks, and the dams result in water covering prime cropland and valuable timberland.

The program allows landowners to trap the beavers themselves or use the services of trappers. Landowners must wrap each beaver’s tail and right foot in clear plastic wrap or freezer bags and freeze until collection day.

Landowners will receive a minimum $12.50 for each tail up to the maximum amount set.

When the sign-up period ends, the beaver control committee will divide the total number of eligible applicants into the amount of money the committee has to spend on the program. This will determine the maximum amount any landowner will receive.

The funds for the program were earmarked by the Alcorn County Board of Supervisors. It will be administered by the Alcorn County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Last year, 129 landowners participated and 564 beavers trapped on more than 7,800 acres throughout the county.

Over 6,500 beavers have been trapped in the county since the program began.

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