Benton County's Snow lakers take a dip for charity

By Joyce Brock/Southern Advocate

SNOW LAKE – Multiple Snow Lakers plan to take the plunge into Snow Lake on New Year’s Day “polar bear” style to raise money for a local charity.
The average temperatures for this date in Benton County range from the mid-20s to the mid-40s.
The polar bear plunge has been a tradition at Snow Lake for several years. The first year the plunge was held purely for entertainment purposes. About two years ago, several residents were inspired to use the event to benefit the community. After selecting a charity to help, the group challenged residents to “pay or plunge.” The event will follow a similar format this year.
Those who choose to “pay” will sponsor those who choose to “plunge.” Sponsors agree to donate money to the cause, if their pledge completes the jump into the lake. “Plungers” will collect pledges, and meet together at a designated time to jump into the lake.
Last year, the event raised more than $1,500.
The Community Action Committee of Benton County has been selected to benefit from Sunday’s event. The mission of Benton County CAC is “to enable low-income families and individuals of all ages in our served area to attain the skills, knowledge and motivations to become self-sufficient.”
Anyone who would like to be a “polar bear” or who is willing to sponsor a diver is invited to call Laurel Beck at (662) 224-3257 or email

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