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OK Biz Buzz folks, we all like to eat, and what better than a great place for blue plates? We’ve got a new one to tell you about:

It’s been Spencer’s, Whiteside’s and most recently, Stults Catering & Restaurant.

And now, in the building at the corner of Daybrite and South Green is a new restaurant, the Gumtree Cafe.

For the time being, it’s open only 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch. But they do plan to offer breakfast eventually. They want to feel out the lunchtime crowd first.

We talked to Jeremy Scruggs, who said he opened Gumtree Cafe last week. The interior has been repainted, the big heated buffet equipment is gone, and now they’re waiting for the weather to cooperate to paint the outside. So yes, the pigs on motorcycles will be going. At least, we think.

Anyway, the plate lunch menu changes daily. For example, today it’s lasagna, roasted chicken with onions and carrots, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, house salad and okra.

A meat and three veggies costs $8; a meat and two is $7, a meat and one is $6 and an all veggie (3) plate is $7. Prices include tea and tax.

The phone number is (662) 269-2033

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