BIZ BUZZ: Old Steak-Out in Tupelo to become….

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

From Biz Buzz blog …

Scattered, covered, smothered and chunked.

Yep, a new Waffle House is coming to Tupelo.

The old location of Steak-Out on South Gloster Street in Tupelo, which a few years ago moved two blocks north, is going to be a Waffle House.

The new Waffle House will seat 34 people – six four-top tables and 10 stools – according to site plans.

It’s located between the Super D pharmacy and the Dossett Big 4 dealership. There’s a Dumpster out front of the old Steak-Out, where it looks like crews are clearing up the place.

Not sure if it will be torn down and replaced or what, but we’ll see if the Waffle House folks can give us any details.

It will be Tupelo’s third Waffle House.

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