Boehner stumps for Nunnelee

By Galen Holley/NEMS Daily Journal

SOUTHAVEN – Republican candidate Alan Nunnelee has repeatedly promised that he will “vote to fire” Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi if elected to Congress on Nov. 2.
On Thursday, the man Nunnelee backs as the new speaker – Rep. John Boehner – was in DeSoto County to offer his support for the GOP hopeful from Tupelo.
Boehner, the House minority leader and a 20-year veteran of Congress from Ohio, joined Nunnelee at a campaign stop in Southaven as part of the 1st District candidate’s week-long “Taking Back America: God and Country Bus Tour.”
“If you’re tired of all the spending, if you’re tired of all the takeovers and bailouts, that’s what elections are for,” said Boehner. “You send that message to Washington by electing Alan Nunnelee as your next congressman.”
Nunnelee is crisscrossing north Mississippi, making a late push in what promises to be a closely contested 1st District congressional race with Democratic incumbent Travis Childers of Booneville.
At 11:30 a.m., Nunnelee, along with Boehner and Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo, disembarked from the bus and spoke to a crowd gathered under the hot morning sun.
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis, the 2008 Republican nominee for the 1st District seat, introduced the trio, and Nunnelee wasted no time going on the offensive against Pelosi.
“She and her liberal leadership team have brought to the American people a liberal agenda unprecedented in American history,” said Nunnelee, vowing that, on the first day of the new Congress in January, he will do all in his power to help “take America back.”
Should Republicans win a majority in Congress on Nov. 2, Boehner, who represents Ohio’s 8th District, would be the odds-on favorite to become speaker.
Wicker didn’t equivocate in his estimation of the current administration.
“If Alan Nunnelee had been part of a political majority these past 21 months, with Speaker John Boehner, we wouldn’t have this health care monstrosity,” he said. “We wouldn’t have an expensive, $800 billion stimulus that’s gone without anything to show for it but a higher unemployment rate.”
Boehner praised Nunnelee for entrepreneurship and spoke of his own experience of working his way through college and growing a small business.
The American dream, Boehner said, that allowed him and Nunnelee and many of those present at the rally to succeed, “is under siege today.” Nunnelee, he added, would bring the values of the people of north Mississippi to Washington.
That message resonated deeply with one-time Aberdeen resident John Clark, who now lives in Olive Branch. A longtime Nunnelee supporter, Clark believes that the Tea Party movement has helped generate a renewed spirit of conservatism, and Nunnelee represents part of that.
“The climate of this election season is such that people are really looking for strong leadership, and I believe Nunnelee can provide that,” said Clark.
The theme “Taking Back America” expressed well the sentiments of Bill Stephenson, who attended the rally with his daughter, Amber Anderson of Marshall County.
“Nancy Pelosi is completely out of touch,” said Stephenson. “We have to get rid of all these entitlements and take care of small businesses.”
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