Bogus bank emails a constant battle

By Dennis Seid/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Renasant Bank’s warning to customers of fraudulent emails is nothing new to the financial services industry.
It’s a battle that’s gone on for years, with thieves trying to tap into customers’ accounts – and their money – and financial institutions fighting them off at every turn.
“It’s 24/7 as every bank has an ongoing battle with increasingly more intelligent attempts at identity and information theft,” said John Oxford, Renasant vice president and director of external affairs.
On Tuesday, Renasant said two authentic-looking emails were being sent to customers in phishing attempts.
The emails appear to be from Renasant, but aren’t.
One of the emails asks clients to log on to a fake Renasant Bank website in an attempt to steal information.
The other email asks individuals to take a survey and supply a debit or credit card number in return for $50.
Neither email is from Renasant, bank officials said. Rather, they are fraudulent attempts to steal data.
Renasant also said people are making recorded calls claiming to be with the bank and are requesting personal information such as debit or credit card numbers.
Financial institutions do not ask for personal banking information over the phone, email or online.
Oxford said Renasant, like so many other banks, is a target of yet another in a string of attempts to steal people’s information and money.
“It appears that we were randomly targeted by fraudsters trying to trick Renasant clients as well as non-clients into giving them banking information through email and recorded phone calls,” he said. “Banks of all sizes fight various criminal acts of identity theft every day, and we are working with authorities to do all we can to track down and prevent identity theft.
“Protecting our clients information is of the highest priority and again, even though this was a random, highly technical and widespread information theft attempt, no client information was compromised from within Renasant.”

For More Information:
CONTACT RENASANT BANK at (877) 367-5371 if you were affected by this scam or have questions about them, or contact your personal Renasant banker immediately.

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