Boy Scouts host disc golf tournament

TUPELO – The Yocona Area Council of the Boy Scouts wants its first-ever disc golf tournament and fundraiser to become an annual event.
About 35 participants, including Scouts, played in the tournament at Veteran’s Park on Saturday. Some of the participants had no idea how to play disc golf, but Yocona Council member and event organizer Robby Parman said no one left without having a good time.
“I’d definitely say this was a huge success in its first year,” said Parman. “The Scouts came out and got to team up with some guys who are really good disc golf players and the older players got to interact with the Scouts, so it was just a very fun-filled day. And we couldn’t have asked for better weather.”
Saltillo’s Troop 5 Scout Hardy McKnight, 12, of Jackson said he enjoyed playing with the older, more experienced players.
“Disc golf is awesome,” said the excited McKnight after the event. “I love playing disc golf any time, so to be able to come out here and play with some of the better players really was fun. There were a lot of awesome players here. But I think for a kid I did really well.”
Cory Bolen, secretary for the Tupelo Disc Golf Association and a 16-year veteran of the Yocona Area Council, also played a round of disc golf with the Scouts on Saturday.
“It was such a pleasure to work with the Yocona Area Council in putting on a tournament for a sport that is already vastly growing,” said Bolen. “This is truly a great organization to support and I always encourage others to help in the way that Scouting taught me. We hope to see this event happen again next year with even better attendance.”
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