Break-ins continue in Pontotoc County

By David Helms/The Pontotoc Progress

Pontotoc County law enforcement officials said a man was awakened last week by the noise of someone trying to kick in a door on his Furrs Community home.

Pontotoc County Sheriff Neal Davis said the attempted break-in occurred last Tuesday (November 29) around 6 a.m. at the home of Harold Craig Pollard, who lives at 1514 Furrs Road.

Sheriff Davis said the suspect fled when Pollard turned on a light inside the house.

“Mr. Pollard told deputies he got to the door in time to see a male suspect lay down and slide under the garage door,which was raised a couple of feet,” Davis said. “ He said the suspect fled in a white Nissan car.”

No cars were at the Pollard house when the attempted break-in occurred, Davis said.

“This latest attempt occurred much earlier in the day than any other we’ve had these past couple of months,” Davis said. “ Obviously, they’re looking for residences where it appears no one is at home.”

Davis urged residents to exercise extreme caution and to report any suspicious activities in their community.

“Our biggest fear is that these thieves are going to bust in on a home owner, thinking no one is home,” Davis cautioned. “We sure don’t want an innocent resident to get hurt and I urge residents to use whatever means necessary to protect their lives and property.”

Sheriff’s department investigator Gary Cowsert said 12 burglaries were reported during October and deputies are investigating three burglaries reported in November.

“We arrested six suspects on seven counts of burglary in September and we arrested two in October,” Cowsert said. “Just last month Lee County deputies came over and questioned suspects here in connection with at least 27 burglaries over there.”

“ It’s going on everywhere,” Cowsert said. “ They’re using whatever means necessary to break in, kicking in doors or throwing bricks through the glass. Flat screen televisions and game systems are mainly what’s being stolen.”

Cowsert said that Brandon R. Eades and Keenan J. Watkins were arrested recently and charged with burglary in connection with break-ins that occurred in October.

Cowsert said that Eades, 23, of Bratton Road in New Albany has been charged with three counts of burglary. He is charged with allegedy burglarizing the Donald Austin home on Highway 341, the Rusty Edwards home, also on Highway 341, and the home of Victoria Smith, located on Nixon Road.

Cowsert said that Watkins, 18, of Wilson Chapel Road in Pontotoc, has also been charged with allegedly burglarizing the Austin home.

Cowsert said authorities are seeking information to help solve three burglaries which occurred during November, including:

-the November 18th burglary of the Jason Horton home on Highway 9 north. Items stolen included a lap top computer, flat screen telvision and a camera;

-the November 7 burglary of the Miriam Hall home on Crump Road. Items stolen included a 42-inch flat screen television, a game system and games;

-the November 14 burglary of the David Harkness, Jr., home on Moorman Road. Items stolen included a 32-inch television, X-Box game system, guitar and video games.

“We urge homeowners to record the serial number of all valuables whenever possible,” Cowsert said.

“The installation of dead bolt locks, security systems, or alarms can also help protect homes. Obviously, a hidden video system is the best way to help identify thieves.”

Cowsert also reported that two four-wheelers were also stolen last week.

Cowsert said a yellow Honda 350 ES four-wheeler was reported stolen from the front porch of the Steven Adams home on Weeks Street in Algoma. He said the theft occurred on November 28 between 7 p.m. and 11 a.m.

Authorities are also investigating the theft of a Honda 650 Rincon four-wheeler from the Alfrezo Pannell home, located on Crump Road.

The theft occurred sometime between November 27-29, Cowsert reported.

Pontotoc Police Chief Larry Poole urged local residents to remember that Christmas shoppers are often the target of thieves.

“Always lock your car, lock your gifts in the trunk and whenever possible don’t go shopping alone,” Poole cautioned.

Poole said that purses are the number one target of thieves.

“A lot of time, thieves work in pairs to steal a purse from a shopping cart,” Poole said. “While one thief distracts the victim, the other will steal the purse. Don’t leave your purse unattended, even for a second.”

Poole said residents should alert their neighbors if they are going out of town during the holidays.

“Have a friend pick up your newspaper and collect your mail while you’re gone,” Poole said. “Believe me, thieves pay attention to such details and are looking for an easy target.”

Poole said residents should never hesitate to report suspicious activities.

“If someone sees something that seems even a little suspicious, call and report it,” Poole urged. It could be nothing, but let us check it out.”

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