Bryant says Common Core standards are ‘failed’



By Jeff Amy

Associated Press

JACKSON – Gov. Phil Bryant is now describing the Common Core academic standards as “failed,” although a spokeswoman says he hasn’t changed his position.

Bryant said Thursday he opposes Mississippi adopting any national standards. He says the state “could” choose some other standardized tests besides the Common Core-aligned exams that Mississippi has helped develop through a multi-state consortium.

The Republican governor, a likely candidate for re-election in 2015, says he expects the Legislature to address Mississippi’s participation in Common Core next year.

It’s unclear, though, if lawmakers will agree. This year, the Senate rejected the repeal of Common Core and the House never considered action.

And Bryant is likely to encounter outright opposition from state Superintendent Carey Wright and the state’s largest business lobby, both outspoken supporters of the new standards.

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  • Virginia

    I have been teaching for 20 years, and I would like to know why, at this late hour, has the governor decided that the common core has failed? Many schools have been using the common core for a year; a lot of other schools are going into it when school begins in August. We have not used common core long enough to say it has failed! Furthermore, most teachers have spent a lot of hours in training, going to workshops, making lesson plans, and reading books to be on top of common core. I don’t like being cast aside by a politician who wants to follow the crowd.

  • charlie

    The gov and the repubs don’t want Mississippi Public schools to succeed. They want to turn public education and your tax money over to private schools (Charter). If you don’t believe this, ask a repub why they hired a new State Superintendent of Education and won’t let her do her job.

  • FrereJocques

    The Guv’nor is pandering to his constituency. A lot of Conservatives are against Common Core for no other reason than it is backed by the Federal Government. And Uncle Philbert’s position regarding the Federal Government is very clear. He has chosen to deny many thousands of Mississippians their access to better health care because of his anti-Federal fetish.

  • Thile

    A real failure is a governor bragging about how he raised the state’s education standards, but provided no real plan or resources for schools to meet said standards. Other failures in education include trying to push back the start of the school year under the guise of “people taking vacations late,” and a group of idiot legislators screeching about banning age-appropriate books for 11th-grade classes.


    Bryant is a pandering moron. I would bet $1000 bucks he’d switch completely to the other side if tomorrow Obama came out in opposition to Common Core. Its ridiculous.

  • 1941641

    Gov. Bryant’s difficulty in making the decisions he was entrusted with in a rational and progressive manner are symbolic of the man and the party he represents. As I see it, he tends to get lost in all the mixed signals he receives constantly about “Common Core” from some members of the legislature and from his Mississippi Comrades on the Religious Right (aka, Dark Side of Tupelo) and, friends, let’s not forget the influence he is handed from today’s Hoodlum-infested, anti-Common Core Mississippi Tea Party, all this with anti-education Conservative politics to top it off! Sad!

    If it’s any consolation, there are available remedies for the people of Mississippi for all this unwanted political disruption/ chaos when they are ready!

    • FrereJocques

      Good, and to the point. The biggest “failure” in MS is the leadership we are getting from the top. A Guv’nor who lets his personal likes and dislikes decide how to rule the state, instead of doing what the citizens of the state need doing.

      Just remember, Guv, like 1941641 says, you can be voted OUT as fast as you were voted in. The citizens need to remember this, too, and remember whether Uncle Philbert’s decisions have been to your benefit or your detriment.