Bryant: Voting for DuPree like voting for Obama

By The Associated Press

PICAYUNE, Miss. — Republican gubernatorial nominee Phil Bryant has told supporters in Picayune that Nov. 8 is the first chance for Mississippi voters to say no to a second term for Democratic President Barack Obama.

Bryant said people can do that by voting against Democrat Johnny DuPree in the governor’s race.

The Picayune Item reports Bryant, the current lieutenant governor, made the comments Friday to supporters at the local train depot.

“I shudder when people tell me, ‘Phil, you got it made,'” Bryant said. “What will happen if my opponent is elected is that MSNBC and ABC and all the liberals will be giddy with excitement. They will say that America loves Obama because his close friend and protégé was elected governor of Mississippi.”

Bryant said DuPree is a fine man but is on a political team that has the wrong ideas for the country.

DuPree campaign manager Sam Hall told the Associated Press on Monday that DuPree, the third-term mayor of Hattiesburg, would not respond directly to Bryant’s comments.

“The mayor has said all along that he is not running against anybody. He is running for governor,” Hall said. “He is not going to call names and he is not going to sling mud. He’s just going to talk about his record of not raising taxes and creating over 6,000 jobs, and he’s going to talk about his plans to focus on small business development and restructure our schools.”

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