Budget talks – Your Take

It was one of the most commented on stories ever on NEMS360.com. Read some of the many comments below about the state budget and give your thoughts.

Some comments:

Comment below on the story – Deal keeps health agency up, running

Thank you SEN NUNNELLEE for dragging this out and wasting taxpayer dollars on needless bickering between you and others.

Comment below on the story – Barbour: Some agencies can go on without budget

Why should anyone be surprised over this?? It happens every year that our elected officials wait until June to decide they can’t agree on anything.

Our medical office has state medicaid funds cut off, as they are now, every year at this time, with no idea when the budget will be agreed on.

It is their jobs to see that a budget gets done, they have figures before them, know a deadline but yet wait for a Governor to authorize another session for them.

A lot of their problems with low funding is they set budgets according to unreliable sources..casino taxes, cigarette tax, etc..we see how Katrina wiped out some of the 1st tax money and so we have the ciagrette tax for health reasons but how low will that tax be when people cut back or stop smoking? But the budget was built around a set of “predicted” budget money. Do we spend our income on future earnings? No. We spend what we know we have at present. They don’t want to cut services, and it seems like hurt anyones feelings, even though there is wide spread abuse of the Medicaid program going on.

Comment below on the story – Lawmakers finish most of $6B budget, not PSC


Look, the whole fools’ chorus in this country has been singing for putting the costs of gov’t on the backs of the smokers for years. This is the most regressive of all taxes, and the revenue pool must necessarily shrink as $5/pack drives the consumer to home-grown and other bootleg sources. (No, I don’t smoke. I just reflexively oppose unfairness.) The hospitals are the growth industry, have inelastic demand, and have been quietly gaining control of the next generation’s inheritance via those declarations that “I will be responsible for charges not covered by insurance” just above your signature on all treatment agreements. (Few Medicare patients realize that they don’t have to sign them. Sis & Junior will have to line up behind NMMC’s lawyers when it comes time to settle Dad’s estate.)

I ain’t a Republican, but I admire courage and skill. The Gov has both. Most Willie Wusses run for cover whenever some “man of the people” starts lamenting the plight of the poor for the benefit of the cameras.

Tip ‘o the hat to ya, Gov.

Your thoughts on the new budget and the process that it took to create it? Post them here.


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