Buffalo Park welcomes baby zebra

The Tupelo Buffalo Park welcomed a baby zebra this week.

The Tupelo Buffalo Park welcomed a baby zebra this week.

By JB Clark
Daily Journal

TUPELO – The Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo welcomed a healthy baby zebra to the family this week.

Tuesday morning a plains zebra was born, the first zebra born in the park since 2009.

The baby’s mother was the last zebra to be born in the park. Since 2009, two zebra foals have been stillborn.

“We’re really excited to have the first one in four years,” said Park Manager Lindsay Bullock. “After a few bad experiences it’s good to have a success. And it’s so cute.”

Bullock said the sex of the baby has not yet been determined because they can’t get close enough yet to tell.

The mother gave birth to the foal without any assistance and the foal has been grazing and nursing on its own.

“They’re pretty hardy in the wild,” Bullock said. “Within an hour of being born they’re on their feet. As long as it’s nursing we leave it be.”

The plains zebra is native to Eastern Africa and Eastern South Africa.

The zebra’s stripes, that are unique to each animal like human fingerprints, are brown when they are first born and darken as they age.


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