Build it and they will come: Dorsey builds new baseball field

By Kevin Brown
Special to The Times
Dorsey has something new.
The t-ball field was recently updated to a full-fledged baseball and softball stadium behind the school, complete with lights, scoreboard, sod, dugouts with concrete floors, concession stand, sponsor signs and center field wood wall.
School officials decided to try to get more students involved in activities at the school.
“We started with a vision,” said coach Grant Martin.
Dorsey has always been a community that depends on its people to chip in and help when needed. The call went out, this time for help with supplies and labor to build the newest addition to the school’s campus.
The call was answered by Martin, who spearheaded the change. Martin has been a part of Dorsey for many years, and he has served the community in many ways.
This latest endeavor included donations from businesses, labor from individuals, help from the local school board, money from the booster club as well as the Dorsey Park and Recreation Department. When asked how it all came together, Martin said, “It just happened.”
Martin and Dorsey School saw the dream come true on March 23 when Dorsey had its first ever junior high baseball game. The next night the field was shared with fast pitch softball with Martin throwing out the first pitch. Mark Hitt, principal of Dorsey School, said, “Grant is just like his daddy, all about the work and the kids.”
It has been said that the field should be named “Grant Martin Field,” but, when he was asked, Martin said, “If you are going to name it after anybody, it would be Charlie Martin, my dad, because he instilled in me the work ethic and the personality to care for kids.”
If Dorsey Attendance Center did name facilities after people, the baseball and softball field at Dorsey would have to be “Martin Field.”
The administration of Dorsey School is thankful to the people who helped with donations and labor to help the students of the community. Everyone is invited to come by the school for a tour of the new addition.
Kevin Brown is the assistant principal and athletic director at Dorsey Attendance Center.

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