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By M. Scott Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – A pair of art lovers with business and marketing backgrounds have opened a new gallery.
Kim Caron and Ashley Prince, both of Tupelo, are the partners behind Caron Gallery, which sells paintings, pottery, jewelry and other work by regional artists.
“The idea started about 15 or 16 years ago,” Caron said. “I wanted to have a gallery where I could display work by artists who live in our community.”
Caron began the gallery online at, then Prince joined as a co-owner.
“I always say Kim is the mother of this child, and I’m the stepmother,” Prince said. “I’ve come in and I’m going to help raise it.”
The pair recently signed a lease on a property at 122 West Main St., between Tupelo Hardware and Lucky Joe’s in downtown Tupelo. They expect to be open by mid-August.
Online, you’ll find photographs by Caron, as well as work by Lisa Boyd, Brian Crockett, Cindy Sanders Lee, Tina “Fish” Lutz, Brent Martin, Jimmy Pitts, David Race, Cathy Talbot and Shannon Watts. Negotiations are ongoing with about 15 other artists.
“They’re very creative people,” Prince said, “but they might not know about the business side. That’s where we can help.”
Both Caron and Prince have business degrees to go with their passions for art.
The gallery features pieces ranging from $35 to $1,500, and it makes a commission on what it sells.
When needed, the owners will pack up their vehicles and hit the road. At customers’ requests, Caron has taken different works of art to homes to see what fits.
“It helps people feel more comfortable if they know how it will look with the colors in their home and the lighting,” Caron said.
The gallery owners said comfort is the key to their approach.
“We don’t want people to feel like they have to be an expert,” Caron said. “You don’t have to have a degree in art to appreciate art.”
“Buy what you love,” Prince added. “If you love it, it’s going to make you happy every time you look at it.”
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Find out more
– Caron Gallery is located online at, or call (662) 205-0351.
– A building with history Kim Caron and Ashley Prince hope to open their gallery at 122 West Main St., Tupelo, by mid-August.
It’s a former bank building. According to research by Ace Atkins, an Oxford-based novelist, the bank was robbed by George “Machine Gun” Kelly in 1932.
The robbery of the former Citizens National Bank is included in Atkins’ latest book, “Infamous.”

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