Q. My mother-in-law is in poor health and doesn’t have a lot of money. She has been giving us a lot of her earnings over the last couple of years as a kind of early inheritance, because she’s afraid she’ll spend it all. We’re setting it aside in a savings account in case she needs […]

Daily Journal IUKA – Alliant Techsystems, or ATK, has gone more than six years without a major work-related accident at its facility here. The Arlington, Virginia-based company, which manufactures large composite aerospace structures for the Atlas V and Delta IV launch vehicles used by NASA, said the six-year streak equates to 2 million work hours […]

JACKSON (AP) – Mississippi’s unemployment rate fell slightly in October to 7.6 percent, according to figures released Friday by the U.S. Labor Department. The rate was down from 7.7 percent in September and from 7.9 percent in August. Mississippi had an 8.2 jobless rate in October 2013. The survey found that the number of Mississippians […]

Shopping on Thanksgiving used to be an exception rather than the rule. Maybe you needed more eggs to make deviled eggs, maybe you forgot that can of congealed cranberry stuff. Or maybe that turkey didn’t thaw and you had to go with chicken instead. But shopping for, oh, a 55-inch flat-screen TV? Not so much. […]

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Shoppers will get an early start on Black Friday shopping once again this year, as more stores open for Thanksgiving.

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal After enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal next week, catching a football game and maybe taking a nap, too, many people will be headed to the stores. The list of retailers opening on Thanksgiving has grown over the years as the fight for every dollar has become intense. Black Friday, the […]


We haven’t mentioned inflation yet, but it is known as the silent killer. It can eat away at a portfolio until much of the buying power is gone. Many investors don’t think of themselves as risk-takers. They want to make their money and then invest it in something that they perceive to be safe. Over […]

Q. We’ve got our starter emergency fund in place and we’ve paid off the last of our debt. Currently, we rent an apartment but my wife really wants us to buy a house now. She also wants us to use a 30-year, 100 percent financing plan, and says this wouldn’t cost any more than we’re […]

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Mabus Agency founder and president Josh Mabus and his wife, Mary Meghan Mabus, the firm's vice president of operations and media director, talk to Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton after cutting the ribbon Thursday morning for their new building.

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – About 10 years ago, Josh Mabus had a vision for what his ideal marketing and advertising agency would look like. And it’s not quite what he expected. Mabus, the founder and president of Mabus Agency, recently moved his firm to a 3,800-square-foot office on Green Street he can […]

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Philips Lighting said it was creating a major manufacturing hub with the expansion of its 550,000-square-foot Tupelo plant, which opened in 1947 as Day-Brite.

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – While not an ideal time right before the holidays, Philips Lighting confirmed Wednesday it had laid off some workers at its Tupelo manufacturing plant. But a company spokeswoman said the move was only short term. “We did announce 49 temporary layoffs of hourly workers that was announced on […]