BancorpSouth still working through online banking issues

BancorpSouth-Launches-Free-Banking-App-for-iPhone-2By Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Some of BancorpSouth’s online banking customers still are having problems accessing their accounts days after launching its new website, but bank officials say things are improving, albeit not at the pace they’d like.

The new website, launched Sunday, requires customers to enter a new password that a customer must enter. But a combination of technical glitches and heavy activity on the site have resulted in customers often unable to access their account online or via mobile phone app.

In addition, calls to BancorpSouth’s help line have often been met with busy signals as callers have swamped the system.

BancorpSouth senior vice president of communications Randy Burchfield said things are getting better, but still aren’t where they need to be.

“We certainly appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers,” Burchfield said. “We are making some progress, although we’re still experiencing some unfortunate service interruptions.”

The new website vendor and BancorpSouth’s technical support team have been working on eliminating the glitches and getting the site running like it needs to be.

Burchfield said wait times on the help line are still longer than usual, averaging 22 minutes.

“Customers are getting through, but some of them we’re having to walk them through the entire process,” Burchfield said. “And while we have them on the phone, we’re trying to answer every question they have, which is contributing to the long wait times.”

Some customers have questioned why the website upgrade was done during one of the busiest times of the year, and Burchfield said that it was a contractual issue with the former vendor of the website.

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