C Spire announces new Internet plan

RIDGELAND (AP) — C Spire has announced an initiative to give homes in Mississippi the chance for internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second — about 100 times the average speed.

CEO Hu Meena made the announcement Tuesday at a news conference at the C Spire headquarters in Ridgeland.

“We know that unlocking the potential of next generation technology for the communities we serve requires taking optical fiber all the way to their door,” said Meena.

“As a brand that’s been pushing the envelope of innovation our entire existence, it’s only natural for us to want to provide the ‘what’s next’ to the customers we serve.”

The service will be marketed as C Spire Fiber to the Home.

C Spire hopes to have the first city connected by sometime in 2014.

Jared Baumann, Brand Product Manager at C Spire, said the company has about 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the state and plans to put down about 1,600 more miles.

C Spire is already offering high-speed, high-bandwidth connections to schools and businesses.

Other cities already have fiber optic internet, such as Kansas City, Kan., Chattanooga, Tenn., and Lafayette, La. But this venture is targeting the entire state.

The first Mississippi city will be selected through a “Get Fiber First” program, which invites city officials from around the state to tell why their needs, wants and will benefit from the future operations and 1 Gig Fiber.

C Spire said it will be accepting applications from neighborhoods, towns and cities in Mississippi. The communities that want it the most, and move quickest, will get it first, they said.

More details on how that city will be selected will be announced later.

“While we know some of the tangible benefits that fiber offers to individuals, families, businesses and entire communities, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with 100-times-faster Internet,” Meena said.

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  • Dukes909

    What exactly does cspire want from local governments? Tax breaks? Guarantees to bypass the permit process & fees? If Dunkin Donuts or Trader Joe’s or a new delivery service want to build in our town, we don’t contact the local gov’t..why should we do that for cspire? Do they want the local gov’t to pay for this infrastructure by passing the costs on to the taxpayers? Something is fishy here. At a time when our schools cannot afford to buy books for all students, and illiteracy is rampant, I cannot imagine why even higher speed would make our communities that much better. And let’s face it, this is not going to be “fiber to Every home”. It will be “fiber to some people’s homes.”

    I posted this question on cspire’s FB page yesterday and it was promptly deleted..I wonder why?

    • the_rocket

      “I posted this question on cspire’s FB page yesterday and it was promptly deleted..I wonder why?”

      Maybe because its a idiotic question?

      In case you haven’t checked, the world, including even MS, is dependent on the Internet for its day to day business. Ask any back water school in the state still using dial up if they’d benefit from faster internet and guess what the answer will be.

      • Dukes909

        Sorry you think it’s idiotic. Perhaps you should read through the RFI they want towns to fill out and see all of the fees, permits, and regulations they want to want be waived. In fact there is an area that asks how willing the towns will be to put poles up for this project. Is that not asking the taxpayers to front the costs? Open your eyes – the communities this is targeting are not the backwater ones on dial-up. This is going to a high income area, with a town ready to toss their existing pole agreements and franchise fees in the trash and where their residents are ready to shell out the big bucks for it.

        Regarding tax breaks for cable and telephone companies: simply not true. Cable companies are obligated by law to pay a franchise fee for their service. The RFI even asks the question if the towns would be willing to waive this for cspire providing video (TV) service.

    • DownGoesBrown

      Cable and telephone comanies get tax breaks in their respective service areas. C Spire is simply looking for a slice of that pie.

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