Capri Lighting rolls out national tour

n Improved downlight features quicker installation.
By Dennis Seid
Daily Journal
TUPELO – Those recessed ceiling lights often used in living rooms, showrooms and kitchens aren’t always the easiest lighting accessory to install.
But Capri Lighting in Tupelo, a division of the Phillips Group, is marketing what it calls a revolutionary product that will save home builders, contractors and event do-it-yourselfers time and money with those downlights.
The company’s Quicklights downlight has been sold for about a decade, and has been a top seller. But its new Quicklights 180 will be even better, said Jessica Ridgway-Barnes, Capri’s marketing manager.
What’s unique about the Quicklights 180 is that it has been designed for potential ceiling interference. To deal with the issue, the light has a patent-pending movable junction box. The design also cuts down the installation time.
“Normally, it takes about four minutes to install a traditional downlight,” Ridgway-Barnes said. “We’ve had one installed in as fast as 39 seconds.”
Capri has launched the “time is money” nationwide tour to demonstrate the product.
Three rotating teams of Capri employees will drive a truck and trailer to cities across the country for three years, Ridgway-Barnes said.
In the trailer, customers can install the new downlight themselves.
“You can talk about a product all you want, but the best way to have a hands-on demonstration,” she said.
The tour kicked off in Chicago this week and is headed to Indiana next week. There was an informal kickoff in Mobile, Pensacola and Panama City last week.
“We’ve got 15 stops lined up so far, and we’re lining up other cities as we talk to customers and dealers,” Ridgway-Barnes said. “We want to show it too as many people as possible, which is why we’re going to take three years for the tour.”

Dennis Seid

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