Changes coming to this blog

Please excuse our progress …

You may have noticed some changes to Biz Buzz this week. We’ve moved our comments over to Disqus (more info) and that has created formatting changes to our blog.

You’ll notice that the comment counts are wrong on the posts. The posts may say there are no comments when there are comments. It’s an integration problem with our blog host that we hope to resolve soon.

But don’t worry – we’re reading your comments. If you don’t hear back from us, here’s how to get in touch:

• or

• Twitter: @dennisseid or @carlie_kollath

• Phone: (662) 678-1578 or (662) 678-1598

The format of Biz Buzz has changed temporarily. You’ll see a little snippet of the post on the front instead of four posts. It’s a temporary change before we unveil our new format.

And, the biggest news …

We’re moving Biz Buzz over to in a few weeks. Yay! If you’ll remember, we started Biz Buzz on WordPress about five years ago. We’re excited about the options we’ll have with WordPress going forward.

Thanks again for reading Biz Buzz. Your interest and participation keep us going. We feel fortunate y’all are business news nerds like us.

Thank you.

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