Cheapest gas: Sam’s Club 8/31

It’s our last gas price survey of August and possibly summer. We’re in the camp that once you hit September, it’s no longer summer.

Anyway, the cheapest gas today in Northeast Mississippi is at Sam’s Club, according to a Daily Journal survey.

It was $3.47 today for members at Sam’s. The figure is down from $3.51 Tuesday and up from $3.37 Friday.

Overall, gas prices have been on a rollercoaster all week, courtesy of Hurricane Isaac (previous coverage).

Most expensive: Amory & Oxford $3.67

Other prices:

Amory $3.67

Belden $3.55

Booneville $3.48

Corinth $3.51

Fulton $3.48

New Albany $3.53

Oxford $3.67

Pontotoc $3.52

Ripley $3.57

Sam’s Club (member price) $3.47

Sherman $3.49

Starkville $3.62

Tupelo (Kroger at Crosstown) $3.59

Read the Sunday Journal for more prices.

Reminder: This survey is designed to find the cheapest gas. The cities with the “most expensive” title are the ones that came in at the bottom of our cheapest gas list. There are other stations with more expensive gas, but we aren’t hunting for that. We’re looking for the station where you are going to spend the most money when you want to find cheap gas. Make sense?

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