Chickasaw CDF changes mission, direction

djournal-chickasaw-countyBy Floyd Ingram

Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – The Chickasaw Development Foundation voted to change its mission statement and will focus more on building community, attracting businesses and improving the quality of life for Chickasaw County.

CDF bylaws require the organization to have a mission statement and leaders are charged with following it and using it as a guide in pursuing economic development in the community.

“The old one has been around since 1953 and has served us well,” said John Walden, president of the CDF board of directors. “But times have changed, and the new mission statement gives a stronger direction to our leaders and this organization.”

The hiring of regional economic developer Josh West and the formation of the Pontotoc, Union and Chickasaw Alliance last year reshuffled some of the duties of Chickasaw Development Foundation. The change in the mission statement will allow the CDF to focus on drawing new businesses to the community, address transportation issues, lobby for community projects and get involved in more quality of life events and issues.

“We have sort of separated the industrial development from the community development,” said Walden. “They are linked and there will be some overlap, but this will help us work on community development.”

Walden said landing an industry for the new Chicksaw County industrial megasite south of Okolona still is a key issue with CDF.

CDF also unveiled four new committees and its new website.

The four committees are retail/small businesses, recreation/tourism. marketing and community activity. While each committee will focus on specific aspects of the community, all seek to improve the quality of life of Houston and Chickasaw County.

The website has been several years in the making and it has also been redesigned to reflect the new mission statement and direction of the organization. Visit the site at

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