Companies look to hire at job fair

Tupelo stockBy Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Nearly two dozen companies hope to put a bigger dent in the region’s unemployment rate today with a job fair at Itawamba Community College’s Belden Center off McCullough Boulevard.

The free event will be at the conference center portion of the campus from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The companies attending include manufacturers, staffing agencies and others. They include Mueller, United Asset Management, Hamilton-Ryker, United Furniture, Select Staffing, Kelley Services, Swift Staffing, Wise Staffing, Surge Staffing, People Link, Lane Furniture, Philips Lighting, Posturecraft Mattress Co., Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Martinrea, Hudson Management, Employment Plus, Southern Motion, Excelsior, SRG Staffing, ICC Commercial Truck Driving and the Home Saver Program.

Participants should bring their resumes, if available and/or a complete education and work history.

Brad Gates with ICC said online applications will be required from some companies participating at the fair. Also, he suggested people dress appropriately.

“You never know if you might be asked for an interview on the spot,” he said. “It’s been known to happen.”

The unemployment rate in Northeast Mississippi was 9.4 percent in August, the most recent figures available.

It was the second-lowest jobless rate for the 16-county region of the year. April’s 8.5 percent rate was the lowest of the year.

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  • chris

    I find that repulsive on so many levels. no mention anywhere of this until today. I’ve had 21 interviews since being laid off last year. dressing nice, talking well, research done and nothing. I interviewed at martinrea a while back for a job they made up and eventually decided they didn’t want to hire for. Mueller is a death trap. I’ve got manufacturing experience and was turned down by Toyota but any moron can get on there, I know an alcoholic that trains people there. I’ve tried my best and companies like these just pick the stupidest, frequently fired, no experience over those like me who need a job unlike those who need a hobby till the next welfare check comes. these companies make me sick.

    • ultracreep

      You’re not wrong. I’ve found that it especially hurts if you’re not from here. If you didn’t go to school or church with whoever’s doing the hiring, or root for their sports team or once dated their cousin, you’re kind of screwed as far as manufacturing goes. Luckily that’s not my field, but I’ve known some very hardworking, experienced people who have found it difficult to get decent manufacturing jobs here. I even know some of the “temps” who have worked at Cooper through the temp agency for YEARS and whenever they put applications in at Cooper they are told they are not qualified. Never mind that they work there every single day. Oh Mississippi manufacturing, nepotism and incompetence are your middle names.

  • Tupelo_Guy

    Some people don’t want to do manufacturing. What this area needs is industries in technology, energy, green innovation in order to compete with the world.